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Transition Retirement/Separation

Do not wait for separation or retirement orders or approvals to begin TAP classes. Begin far enough in advance to complete all courses prior to terminal leave dates.

TAP classes do not start any transactions, if you change your mind all documents are good for 2 years only. You can repeat when you decide to transition at later dates.

 For questions and concerns about TAP class requirements and attendance problems, please email Robert Nesbitt directly at robert.nesbitt@us.af.mil  or alternate TAP Manager is Suzanne Black, Suzanne.Black.2@us.af.mil.


All materials, handouts, and guides are available on the TRANSITION: Transition Handouts and Guides Page.

1st class to sign up for:

TAP Pre-Separation Briefing (Wednesdays) 0800-1200.

**Must attend prior to any other TAP Course**

This class is MANDATORY and begins of the process of the DD Form 2648. SHPE, VSO, California WorkforWarriors, California Veteran Representative, Tri-care Medical Briefing and Survivor Benefits Plan Briefing Included for Retiring members.

Prior to Pre-Separation Briefing please login to www.DoDTAP.mil and "Initialize the Pre-separation Briefing", update you information, save and then sign the form at the bottom of the page. Once you have signed the you are complete and we will see you on Wednesday.

Click here for step-by-step instructions for signing your E-Form prior to the class.


*can sign one out for class only     

2nd class to sign up for:

TAP Transition Assistance Program GPS (5 DAY) Workshop (Monday - Friday) 0800-1630

 - Mandatory for all members, Wednesday - Friday optional for Retirees over 20 years or confirmed employment letter. DRESS ATTIRE IS BUSINESS ATTIRE! INTERVIEW DRESS ON FRIDAY) This is a 5 Day workshop that will consist of Medical Records review on MONDAY (Request copy of records at least 3 weeks in advance, not required for class attendance if you can't get them), Transition Overview, Transition Resiliency, Military Occupational Crosswalk, Financial Resiliency (BRING LES), VA Benefits Briefing on Tuesday and Department of Labor Employment Wednesday thru Friday covering employment in the 21st Century, job search skills, networking, marketing yourself, negotiating salaries and much more.

TAP CAPSTONE Provided on Tuesdays from 1330-1530. Must be COMPLETE 90 days PRIOR TO SEPARATION OR RETIRMENT.

TAP class attendance order:

1st Class must be the Pre-separation briefing...separating or retiring (all members; No waivers or exceptions).

Held every Wednesday (no classes on holidays)

Retirees over 20 years or medical board retired

Spouses may attend

2nd Class is the 5 Day TAP GPS or alternative (2 Day TAP Waived Workshop (Monday & Tuesday) if retiring over 20 years, or you have proof of employment letter from company). Email or bring to TAP Manager before signing up for class.

Offered 3 times a month - 0800-1630, business attire. Friday dress will be Interview attire.

Waivered members class days consist of Day 1 & 2 only. Pathways still optional.

All members must attend 5 Day TAP GPS or 2 Day waived TAP GPS Monday and Tuesday, to include retirees over 20 years or members with confirmed employment.

Spouses may attend

 3rd Class:  CAPSTONE  complete after the 5 Day TAP GPS and Pathway classes are completed when you are PRIOR TO 90 days or less from retirement or separation date. DOCUMENTS TO BRING TO CAPSTONE.

Pathway classes,  attend one or all of the pathways - Education, Entrepreneur or Vocational/Technical (if applicaple to your future planned agenda or path). 0800-1630, business casual attire.  Education Pathway call Education Center at 424-3444 to get preclass work, download class guide (see below) or from travisafrc.com; transition; handouts and guides.

Spouses may attend with member or without if this is their path after separation or retirement.

Offered monthly or quarterly, see TAP Workshop schedule for dates.

Materials to bring to TAP GPS 5 Day Workshop

TAP Financial Planning Worksheet Electronic Excel version

Education Pathway Guide

Air Force Compensation Fact Sheet

Survivor Benefits Plan (SBP) flyer 

VA Vocational Rehab Counselor:  Maralee Christofferson (510) 637-6049/6128 email:maralee.christofferson@va.gov 

DoDTAP.mil - a great website; good refresher after TAP, or for those who cannot get to TAP

Air Force vMPF Applying for Retirement - PowerPoint slide tutorial

Survivor's Benefit Plan  Air Force's SBP website, The goal of this website is to provide important, accurate information about the SBP to future military retirees, current retirees, SBP Counselors, and others interested in the SBP. 

For Army personnel, Army Career and Alumni Program - ACAP website; Army Retirement Services Office

Marine for Life website - an excellent website for any veteran.

State Benefits website -Select a state or territory for that location's Department of Veterans Affairs website and offices.

 Additional Veteran Benefit Information (This is provided for information only. Agency not supported or sponsored by this organization.)


Transition-focused publications, such as G.I. Jobs, Civilian Job News, and  Decision Times, are available FREE each month at the Airman and Family Readiness Center.  Please stop by monthly to pick up the most recent issues. 

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